Sant Pau Barcelona Restaurant, 3 Michelin Stars

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Sant Pau restaurant is located in a small town “Sant Pol de Mar”, it is a small town in the coast of Barcelona.

The restaurant is owned by the top Spanish female chef Carme Ruscalleda.  She is known for creating unique dishes by combining her imagination with traditional Catalan ingredients.

We were the first customers arrive that day, so they seated us by the centre of the restaurant, where we overlook the beautiful courtyard and the Mediterranean Sea.  The décor of the restaurant is very warm and elegant, it matched perfectly with the views.

We ordered the Tasting Menu which costs €146 per person, it comprises of 13 courses.   The lunch and dinner menu were the same, I would recommend going for lunch instead of dinner, because it takes about 3 hours to serve all the courses, and you can also enjoy the beautiful views during the day time.

The tasting menu came with a story board which explains the menu and we got to keep it with us.

The food was exquisite and all dishes were beautifully plated, some were like work of arts.   We had an amazing time trying each course.

Service was great, we had 3 people served us and they were very attentive.  The restaurant also paid a lot of attention to the little details, such as having a little stool for the purse.

Chef Carme Ruscalleda is at the restaurant every day, she came out after the dessert to thank the guests for coming and we got to take a photo with her.

Overall it was a very memorable experience; it is worth the trip to visit her restaurant as per the Michelin Star Guide – exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.

Visited 2010 December


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