La Pergola Restaurant in Rome, 3 Michelin Stars

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During our trip in Rome, we had a chance to dine at  La Pergola Restaurant in Rome Cavalieri Hotel.  It is the only restaurant in Rome has 3 Michelin Stars.

The hotel is located at the top of a hill where it overlooks the city.  We had a dinner reservation so we missed out the chance to view the city (day view) from the top of the hill.

The restaurant is decorated in the classic style with arts around the room.

As per their web site, they have over 53,000 bottles of wine and 29 types of water (H2O).   The price tag on the most expensive bottle of water, is more than a bottle of wine I drink in Canada.

We had a Sommelier helped us to select the wine. I found it to be an unique experience, since we rarely have this type of service in a Canadian restaurant.

We ordered the nine courses tasting menu.  The dishes were prepared with perfections.


Photos of my favourite dishes…each dish is beautifully plated.

Cheeses trolley contained different types of Italian cheeses.

Of course you always need something sweet to end a perfect meal…look at all the desserts we got…European love sweets 🙂

The service was very good, but I found them less attentive than the Michelin 3 stars restaurant we tried in Spain.

Overall, we had another great experience.  Thank you hubby!


Visited 2011 November


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