High Tea at Ritz Carlton, Toronto

Love Affair with Food, Yummy North America

I love high tea…..enjoying a nice cup of tea and catching up with my girl friends…

Most important…an exercise for me to dress up…

This time I picked the High Tea at Ritz Carlton Toronto.

First, we got to pick the organic tea from the tea box…

IMG_0274 1

I can’t remember what tea we picked?  One looks like a fruity tea…

IMG_0276 1


IMG_0280 1

First came the savory

IMG_0296 1


Of course… I was waiting for the sweet…

I still remembered the scone with the clotted cream was very delicious.

IMG_0311 1

Decorated with Ritz Carlton Toronto printed on the chocolate


Because it was the Easter, they had cute bunnies to celebrate the holiday 🙂


I had a great time…now I think I need to go back again soon!

Visited 2014 April


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