Au-Petit-Sud-Ouest, Foie Gras Restaurant in Paris

Love Affair with Food, Yummy Europe

When we were in Paris, we tried to eat Foie Gras whenever we can…

I discovered this restaurant by googling the best foie gras restaurant in Paris…

This place is like a foie gras heaven for me 🙂

The front of the restaurant sales foie gras in cans or jars….


First page dedicated to foie gras….mostly duck foie gras on the menu…


Love the two cute ducks…


Cute ducks on the wine glass 🙂


Each table has its own toaster, because the cold foie gras terrine tasted better with freshly toasted bread.

For our appetizer we ordered foie gras 3 ways (fresh, half cooked and pan fried).

The fresh and half cooked foie gras taste so soft and creamy.


The pan fried foie gras are huge.  They are like a size of a fish and chips dish…

Soooooooooooooo yummy!!!

For main courses, we ordered duck breast, goose leg confit (love the fried skin), and smoked duck salad..

Amazing food, the best duck breast I ever had…

This restaurant is amazing…

Of course we got foie gras in cans to go…..:)

Visited 2015 April



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