L’Huitrade Oyster Bar Own by Guy Savoy, Paris

Love Affair with Food, Yummy Europe

L’Huitrade is the new Oyster bar by the famous Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

It is own by the famous Michelin 3 stars chef Guy Savoy.

I read no country in the world can offer a more complete oyster experience than France…

So…we must eat Oyater when we are in France hahaa  

We booked a lunch reservation…



Nice warm and chic decor in this small bar, it fits about 12 guests.  Love the oyster motif tiles on the floor.

Good touch of messages in the bottles…simple but unique display.

Menu is only in French, but the server speaks perfect English…

Menu on the left are by different kinds of oyster x 8

She was nice enough to allow us to order two kinds of oyster x 4 

On the right are mostly oyster dishes required preparation.


We ordered the oyster 3 ways, it included the famous dish (on the right) from Guy’s Michelin 3 Stars restaurant.  The oyster made with special oyster creme and clear jelly, very yummy and creamy..


Our two kinds of oysters arrived…

Unlike the way we eat oysters in North America, we eat them straight…without adding anything to enhance the taste….

The oysters are so rich in flavor, I think adding anything to it will waste the oyster.

We also ordered two special oysters that are not on the menu…

The server let us pick from the box of speciality oysters…


They are huge…I love the one of the left more, it is much more creamier and meaty.


We both really enjoyed the oysters, the quality is definitely better than what we have tried in North America.  I really miss eating Oysters in France…

Visited 2015 April


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