La Fayette Gourmet, Paris

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I am a foodie… So this is a must visit place for me…

La Fayette Gourment is a speciality food market, where You will find gourmet speciality food shops from the best food brands around.

They also have fast food stands where you can grab a quick lunch or dinner.

If you love sweet, you are in heaven for some of the best sweet under one roof…

Alain Ducasse Chocolate…Pierre Herme…L’Eclair de  Génie and more…


Just love love this place 🙂

Visited 2015 April


L’Huitrade Oyster Bar Own by Guy Savoy, Paris

Love Affair with Food, Yummy Europe

L’Huitrade is the new Oyster bar by the famous Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

It is own by the famous Michelin 3 stars chef Guy Savoy.

I read no country in the world can offer a more complete oyster experience than France…

So…we must eat Oyater when we are in France hahaa  

We booked a lunch reservation…



Nice warm and chic decor in this small bar, it fits about 12 guests.  Love the oyster motif tiles on the floor.

Good touch of messages in the bottles…simple but unique display.

Menu is only in French, but the server speaks perfect English…

Menu on the left are by different kinds of oyster x 8

She was nice enough to allow us to order two kinds of oyster x 4 

On the right are mostly oyster dishes required preparation.


We ordered the oyster 3 ways, it included the famous dish (on the right) from Guy’s Michelin 3 Stars restaurant.  The oyster made with special oyster creme and clear jelly, very yummy and creamy..


Our two kinds of oysters arrived…

Unlike the way we eat oysters in North America, we eat them straight…without adding anything to enhance the taste….

The oysters are so rich in flavor, I think adding anything to it will waste the oyster.

We also ordered two special oysters that are not on the menu…

The server let us pick from the box of speciality oysters…


They are huge…I love the one of the left more, it is much more creamier and meaty.


We both really enjoyed the oysters, the quality is definitely better than what we have tried in North America.  I really miss eating Oysters in France…

Visited 2015 April

Au-Petit-Sud-Ouest, Foie Gras Restaurant in Paris

Love Affair with Food, Yummy Europe

When we were in Paris, we tried to eat Foie Gras whenever we can…

I discovered this restaurant by googling the best foie gras restaurant in Paris…

This place is like a foie gras heaven for me 🙂

The front of the restaurant sales foie gras in cans or jars….


First page dedicated to foie gras….mostly duck foie gras on the menu…


Love the two cute ducks…


Cute ducks on the wine glass 🙂


Each table has its own toaster, because the cold foie gras terrine tasted better with freshly toasted bread.

For our appetizer we ordered foie gras 3 ways (fresh, half cooked and pan fried).

The fresh and half cooked foie gras taste so soft and creamy.


The pan fried foie gras are huge.  They are like a size of a fish and chips dish…

Soooooooooooooo yummy!!!

For main courses, we ordered duck breast, goose leg confit (love the fried skin), and smoked duck salad..

Amazing food, the best duck breast I ever had…

This restaurant is amazing…

Of course we got foie gras in cans to go…..:)

Visited 2015 April


Laduree, Paris

Love Affair with Food, Yummy Europe

i just love love love Laduree…

Each time I visit a city with a Laduree shop, I will go in and buy a box of their famous macarons…

There are few Laduree shops in Paris and all of them have a long line up…mostly because of tourists like me…hahaa

I love their window displays

So pretty and girly…

Cute little Laduree stickers and accessories…

I already got two of their popular macaron keychains…so I didn’t buy any this time…


Almost my turn…


My little treat 🙂

Looking forward to my next Laduree encounter…

Visited 2015 April

La Pergola Restaurant in Rome, 3 Michelin Stars

Love Affair with Food, Mel's Michelin Star Experience, Yummy Europe

During our trip in Rome, we had a chance to dine at  La Pergola Restaurant in Rome Cavalieri Hotel.  It is the only restaurant in Rome has 3 Michelin Stars.

The hotel is located at the top of a hill where it overlooks the city.  We had a dinner reservation so we missed out the chance to view the city (day view) from the top of the hill.

The restaurant is decorated in the classic style with arts around the room.

As per their web site, they have over 53,000 bottles of wine and 29 types of water (H2O).   The price tag on the most expensive bottle of water, is more than a bottle of wine I drink in Canada.

We had a Sommelier helped us to select the wine. I found it to be an unique experience, since we rarely have this type of service in a Canadian restaurant.

We ordered the nine courses tasting menu.  The dishes were prepared with perfections.


Photos of my favourite dishes…each dish is beautifully plated.

Cheeses trolley contained different types of Italian cheeses.

Of course you always need something sweet to end a perfect meal…look at all the desserts we got…European love sweets 🙂

The service was very good, but I found them less attentive than the Michelin 3 stars restaurant we tried in Spain.

Overall, we had another great experience.  Thank you hubby!


Visited 2011 November

Sant Pau Barcelona Restaurant, 3 Michelin Stars

Love Affair with Food, Mel's Michelin Star Experience, Yummy Europe

Sant Pau restaurant is located in a small town “Sant Pol de Mar”, it is a small town in the coast of Barcelona.

The restaurant is owned by the top Spanish female chef Carme Ruscalleda.  She is known for creating unique dishes by combining her imagination with traditional Catalan ingredients.

We were the first customers arrive that day, so they seated us by the centre of the restaurant, where we overlook the beautiful courtyard and the Mediterranean Sea.  The décor of the restaurant is very warm and elegant, it matched perfectly with the views.

We ordered the Tasting Menu which costs €146 per person, it comprises of 13 courses.   The lunch and dinner menu were the same, I would recommend going for lunch instead of dinner, because it takes about 3 hours to serve all the courses, and you can also enjoy the beautiful views during the day time.

The tasting menu came with a story board which explains the menu and we got to keep it with us.

The food was exquisite and all dishes were beautifully plated, some were like work of arts.   We had an amazing time trying each course.

Service was great, we had 3 people served us and they were very attentive.  The restaurant also paid a lot of attention to the little details, such as having a little stool for the purse.

Chef Carme Ruscalleda is at the restaurant every day, she came out after the dessert to thank the guests for coming and we got to take a photo with her.

Overall it was a very memorable experience; it is worth the trip to visit her restaurant as per the Michelin Star Guide – exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.

Visited 2010 December