Holts Cafe, Toronto

Love Affair with Food, Yummy North America

Single shopping night…

I love shopping by myself…because I know exactly what I want…no time wasted on waiting for friends to decide on “to buy or not to buy” :p

I was so tired after just two hours of intense shopping…lol

I decided to grab a bit at Holts Cafe…

I ordered the organic juice, Holt Happiness, it was very refreshing…  


I love truffle and chips…so I ordered the truffle chips to start…

I think they just drizzled the trffule oil on the chips…I can so do that at home .. Hahaaaa 

I found the chips little greasy…but I love the smell of the truffle oil, so I finished the entire bowl 🙂


For the main, I ordered the potato crusted halibut, it was so good, the fish was cooked with the right texture and I love anything with a crust on it…..so I really like this dish…even the sautéed kale was tasty.


I was too full after the main…sadly…I had to say no to the dessert menu 😦

Another satisfy meal…actually it was my first time eating dinner in a restaurant by myself…I was texting my girl friend the whole time, so I didn’t feel  lonely at all…

Visited 2015 March


ZenKashoin Tea Cafe, Tokyo ShinQs

Love Affair with Food, Yummy Asia

Every time I visit Tokyo…I will try to look for an authentic matcha tea cafe to satisfy my craving 🙂

I came across this tea cafe by accident..My goal was to visit the Hikarie ShinQs department store (a must visit for ladies) and it was a bonus…when I saw this cafe hidden on the 5th floor of the department store.

Dessert time…:)

The cafe gives me a very zen like atmosphere…


This cafe is originally from Koyto, photo of their head office in Koyto.

I ordered the matcha dessert and tea combo…

My weakness … Matcha…love love

Matcha ice-cream drizzled with matcha sauce and matcha cake…matcha overload 🙂

If you are not a matcha fan, they also have coffee and other flavor desserts.

My friend ordered Chestnut dessert with coffee…just as yummy 🙂

I love dessert and Tokyo…

Cafe website:


ShinQs department store website:


Visited 2015 February