Air Canada Business Class, Toronto to Tokyo

Love Affair with Food, Mel Around the World

This is my favorite travel route 🙂

Flying between Toronto to Tokyo, because I got to enjoy the Japanese meal on board.


Soon after the flight took off…we got to enjoy our first meal…

On the way to Tokyo I picked the grilled Alberta AAA beef tenderloin….beef was a little over cooked…but I like the Seared Tuna sashimi for appetizer..

In between meals I ordered the wonton noodles…not so bad, definitely better than the dim sum they offered…brunch I ordered the congee..not so exciting, but it is my comfort food…


From Tokyo to Toronto, I orderd the Japanese meal, it made up with varities of small dishes.  I ordered congee again for brunch…

Yummy 🙂


Of course …I need to pair my Japanese meal with a hot sake :p


The seat was roomy and comfortable, the chair can be adjusted to a sleeping position. 

I also got a pair of sleepers and a small kit with sleeping mask, ear plugs, tooth brush, and lotion etc.


It was definitely a good flying experience…

Flew 2015 February