Air Canada Business Class, Toronto to Tokyo

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This is my favorite travel route 🙂

Flying between Toronto to Tokyo, because I got to enjoy the Japanese meal on board.


Soon after the flight took off…we got to enjoy our first meal…

On the way to Tokyo I picked the grilled Alberta AAA beef tenderloin….beef was a little over cooked…but I like the Seared Tuna sashimi for appetizer..

In between meals I ordered the wonton noodles…not so bad, definitely better than the dim sum they offered…brunch I ordered the congee..not so exciting, but it is my comfort food…


From Tokyo to Toronto, I orderd the Japanese meal, it made up with varities of small dishes.  I ordered congee again for brunch…

Yummy 🙂


Of course …I need to pair my Japanese meal with a hot sake :p


The seat was roomy and comfortable, the chair can be adjusted to a sleeping position. 

I also got a pair of sleepers and a small kit with sleeping mask, ear plugs, tooth brush, and lotion etc.


It was definitely a good flying experience…

Flew 2015 February 



ZenKashoin Tea Cafe, Tokyo ShinQs

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Every time I visit Tokyo…I will try to look for an authentic matcha tea cafe to satisfy my craving 🙂

I came across this tea cafe by accident..My goal was to visit the Hikarie ShinQs department store (a must visit for ladies) and it was a bonus…when I saw this cafe hidden on the 5th floor of the department store.

Dessert time…:)

The cafe gives me a very zen like atmosphere…


This cafe is originally from Koyto, photo of their head office in Koyto.

I ordered the matcha dessert and tea combo…

My weakness … Matcha…love love

Matcha ice-cream drizzled with matcha sauce and matcha cake…matcha overload 🙂

If you are not a matcha fan, they also have coffee and other flavor desserts.

My friend ordered Chestnut dessert with coffee…just as yummy 🙂

I love dessert and Tokyo…

Cafe website:

ShinQs department store website:

Visited 2015 February

Hakone, Ginyu Ryokan 

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Hakone is a small town that is about 100 kilometres from Tokyo.  It is famous for its hot spring and natural beauty.

For our trip to Tokyo, we decided to take a detour to Hakone for its hot spring.  The easiest way to get there is by Shinkansen (bullet train).  We took the train from Tokyo station and it took about 40 mins to Hakone train station, then we took a taxi to our hotel located in the mountain.  You can also take the local Mountain Train up to the mountain.  The resort we stayed is tucked away in the lush mountains of Hakone.

We stayed at Hakone-Ginyu Ryokan.  Ryokan is a type of traditional Japanese inn with a tatami-matted room.

The view from the resort is spectacular; we were surrounded by Hakone Mountains with Haya-Kawa River below.  It is the most amazing Zen experience.


In the common area, there are two communal hot spring baths, one for male and one for female, the bath tubs were made with beautifully crafted stones.  

Visitors must wear yukata when visit communal baths and other public areas.

Photos of our room, it included an indoor and outdoor hot spring baths.

Our tatami bed 🙂

It was our first hot spring experience.  I must said I really enjoyed the soaking and I felt so relax for the rest of the day 🙂

I recommend anyone visiting Japan to experience the hot spring.


Visited 2009 June