Holts Cafe, Toronto

Love Affair with Food, Yummy North America

Single shopping night…

I love shopping by myself…because I know exactly what I want…no time wasted on waiting for friends to decide on “to buy or not to buy” :p

I was so tired after just two hours of intense shopping…lol

I decided to grab a bit at Holts Cafe…

I ordered the organic juice, Holt Happiness, it was very refreshing…  


I love truffle and chips…so I ordered the truffle chips to start…

I think they just drizzled the trffule oil on the chips…I can so do that at home .. Hahaaaa 

I found the chips little greasy…but I love the smell of the truffle oil, so I finished the entire bowl 🙂


For the main, I ordered the potato crusted halibut, it was so good, the fish was cooked with the right texture and I love anything with a crust on it…..so I really like this dish…even the sautéed kale was tasty.


I was too full after the main…sadly…I had to say no to the dessert menu 😦

Another satisfy meal…actually it was my first time eating dinner in a restaurant by myself…I was texting my girl friend the whole time, so I didn’t feel  lonely at all…

Visited 2015 March


Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake, Toronto

Love Affair with Food, Yummy North America

This small Japanese cheesecake shop opened recently in Toronto and it has been a great hit…

I finally give in and start lining up…😁

People are lining up up to 2 hours to try the cheesecake..since when we need to line up in Toronto for a cheesecake?!?


It takes about 45 minutes to make a batch of 10 yummy cheesecakes…..and the machine can only bake upto 3 batches at once…


My cheesecake is finally ready…over an hour waiting….

They are stamping it…so cute… 

  Too bad we are limited to buy one per person 😦

We found a cafe near by and ….

Digging in .. 

Omg omg omg…

Soooooooooooooo yummy

The cake is super fluffy and moist.  Just the right sweetness and it just melted in my month…we finished the cake in less than 5 minutes…

I can’t wait to eat it again…😘

Visited 2015 April

JaBistro Japanese Restaurant, Toronto

Love Affair with Food, Yummy North America

Finally I had a chance to try JaBistro, my chef friend has been asking me to try this restaurant for over a year…




Hubby ordered the wagyu beef tartare..


Lobster Sashimi Platter…very fresh


Slow braised pork belly…this dish is just ok, I feel it is little too greasy..maybe is the fat in the belly :p

IMG_1505 1

Blowtorched sushi…so yummy, I love this dish the most 🙂

IMG_1509 1

Lobster soup came with the lobster platter

IMG_1518 1t

End the meal with matcha tiramisu 🙂

IMG_1526 1

Thumbs up…I will definitely go back!!!

Visited 2014 December

High Tea at Ritz Carlton, Toronto

Love Affair with Food, Yummy North America

I love high tea…..enjoying a nice cup of tea and catching up with my girl friends…

Most important…an exercise for me to dress up…

This time I picked the High Tea at Ritz Carlton Toronto.

First, we got to pick the organic tea from the tea box…

IMG_0274 1

I can’t remember what tea we picked?  One looks like a fruity tea…

IMG_0276 1


IMG_0280 1

First came the savory

IMG_0296 1


Of course… I was waiting for the sweet…

I still remembered the scone with the clotted cream was very delicious.

IMG_0311 1

Decorated with Ritz Carlton Toronto printed on the chocolate


Because it was the Easter, they had cute bunnies to celebrate the holiday 🙂


I had a great time…now I think I need to go back again soon!

Visited 2014 April

Momofuku Shoto, Toronto

Love Affair with Food, Yummy North America

We pre-celebrated our Valentine’s Day at Momofuku Shoto Toronto this year.

This restaurant is located on the 3rd floor of the Momofuku complex, just beside the Shangri-La hotel.

It is a bar style seating with an open kitchen concept.  Chefs prepare the dishes infront of you.

Guess who is the head chef?!?

We both ordered the set course menu for $95 CAD per person.

Dishes were nicely presented and food were very tasty, but service was average, because chefs were not too friendly lol.  If the idea is to have chefs serving the customers, maybe show us some 🙂 faces…

Hubby’s comment “good dinner, but not amazing”.


Visited 2015 February